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  About Us
Founded in 1996, Transworld Research Network has published over several hundred high quality review books in almost all areas of science. Together with its sister concern, Research Signpost, it intends to cover every area of human knowledge in the coming years and cater to every publication and dissemination of scientific information needs of researchers. Our online publication division, Scientific Research Flash makes for very rapid publication and instant delivery of research information.
  • Editorial Board
    Scientists of international repute act as members of the editorial advisory board guiding the nature and quality of our review books.

  • Referees
    A large panel of referees constitute our referee board.

  • Authors
    Scientists of proven track record, and who have published a large number of papers contribute manuscripts to our books.

  • Title Mailing
    We send a list of all articles published in our books to all major laboratories in the world through our individual global title mailing programme. This ensures wide coverage of the articles published.

  • Free Book Distribution
    A large number of book copies are ear-marked for free distribution to major national libraries.

  • Other Concerns

  • Scientific Research Flash

  • Research Signpost

  • Transworld Research Network
    Information Services Division

  • Oriental Centre for Human Resources Development

  • Premavahini
    A Centre for the Development of Basic Human Values

Books can be purchased online or through Old City
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steven@apacmedia.com.sg,  Sci Resources Lab Inc, Japan- Contact: Mr. Harutoshi Shiohara,  h_shiohara@sci-resources.co.jp,  Research Publishing Services, South East Asia, sales@researchpubonline.com
Articles, Books, CDs, Magazines, DVDs etc. from world's leading experts and a variety of sources to sharpen skills, develop personality, increase knowledge and enhance information
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Editorial Consultant : Prof. Dipak Haldar | Managing Editor : Dr. S.G.Pandalai | Publications Manager: A.Gayathri

Transworld Research Network, T. C. 37/661(2), Fort Post Office, Trivandrum - 695023, Kerala, India
Tel: 0091 471 2452918, Fax: 0091 471 2573051, E-mail: ggcom@vsnl.com, admin@rsflash.com