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  • EDIT BOOKS: Researchers/scientists/authors desiring to edit book(s), may please send us an e-mail: admin@rsflash.com or ggcom@vsnl.com , Attn: Editorial Department, giving a brief outline of the contents of the book, how it is relevent for readers now, the target audience, the time for sending us the manuscript(s), whether the book will be done alone or with co-authors/editors and whether it is a single author (or a few authors) volume or you intend to collect manuscripts from a number of authors and other details which you think is relevant.

  • TITLES OF BOOKS published from the year 2005 can be found from the links on the home page under the respective years and sections (Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences).

  • A search facility is given to enable you to find the books of more easily. For information regarding volumes earlier to 2003, please write to us by e-mail: admin@rsflash.com or ggcom@vsnl.com or fax: 0091-471-2573051 or by postal mail.

  • ONLINE PURCHASE: Books can be purchased online by clicking on the link: BUY BOOKS ONLINE. This will take you to the home page of the website of our imprint, Research Signpost. Links to the books of Transworld Research Network are given on the right hand side below those of Research Signpost. You may select the year of publication and click on the section (Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences) -OR- you may go to the search column and give at least ONE parameter to find the specific title(s). Prices are seperate for individuals and institutions.

  • A RECOMMENDATION FORM in printable PDF is given in this site; you may recommend our books to your librarian/acquision`s officer/head of the department or whoever is in charge of aquisitions using this form. Books can also be purchased directly from us sending an e-mail to: admin@rsflash.com or ggcom@vsnl.com Attn: Sales Department or fax: 0091-471-2573051 or by postal mail.
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