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  • An electronic copy of the manuscript may be sent by e-mail attachment to ggcom@vsnl.com or admin@rsflash.com or if this is not possible a hard copy of the manuscript with a floppy disc or CD may be mailed to: Managing Editor, Transworld Research Network, 37/661(2) Fort Post Office, Trivandrum-695 023, Kerala, India. Tel: +91-471-2 452 918, e-mail: admin@rsflash.com; ggcom@vsnl.com. The manuscript should be in MS word. Figures may be in JPEG, TIFF or BMP. Articles already published or those under consideration for publication in other journals or periodicals should not be submitted.

  • Manuscripts should be in English. Usage of correct language is the responsibility of the author.

  • Submission of manuscripts to us implies that the copyright of the entire material except those already copyrighted by other publications like tables, figures etc. and whose permission the author(s) have already obtained, belongs to the publisher.


  • The text may be prepared from a good quality laser printer or electronic typewriter. It is to be typed (one side only) on a regular sheet of paper (A4 size preferred) with 1.5 line spacing. New Times Roman font of 12 point size is recommended. Authors are requested to paste figures and tables (if possible) at appropriate places in the text. If this is not possible, they may be given separately, in which case their exact locations in the text may be marked by pencil.

  • The article should begin with a short ABSTRACT followed by a short INTRODUCTION. The rest of the article may be titled and arranged as per the wishes of the author.

  • REFERENCES should constitute the last section of the article. In the text, references to other papers or books should be cited using consecutive numbers in parenthesis (e.g. : [1,2]) and they should be listed numerically in the last section.

    i. Fu, H., Yun, H., Kwei, T.K., and Okamoto, Y. 1998, J. Polym. Sci., 36, 1425.

    ii. Koeing, J.L. 1980, Chemical Microstructure of Polymer Chains, John Wiley& Sons, Inc., New York.

    iii. Okaya, T., and Ikari, K. 1992, Polyvinylalcohol-Development, C.A. Finch (Ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 195.

    Authors are to make sure that each reference appearing in the text appears in the list of references at the end and vice versa

  • TITLE PAGE AND FIRST PAGE:- The title of the manuscript, the name(s) of author(s) and institution(s) where the work has been carried out should be typed out as the first page.

  • Section headings (ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION etc.) are to be typed in upper case letters and placed on a separate line.

  • Scientific names should be typed in italics or be underlined.

  • Tables should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals.

  • Illustrations should be limited to materials essential for the text. They can be presented in JPEG, TIFF or BMP formats.

  • In line drawings, all lines should be of uniform thickness; letters and numbers should be of professional quality and proper dimensions, approximately 1mm. high when reproduced.

  • RUNNING TITLE:- Please make sure to mention the running title (short title) of the article separately in the first page where the title, names of authors, their affiliations etc. are given.

  • PREFERRED LENGTH:- The length of the manuscript may be limited to 20-25 A4 size pages (20cms. width ´ 26cms. height) though this is not binding.

  • PERMISSION:- Authors must obtain permission from other publishers if they use already published and copyrighted materials.

  • COLOUR FIGURES:- Cost of printing colour figures will be charged to the author at the rate of U.S. $50 per figure/page.

    The purchase of a minimum of 100 reprints by the author/authors' institution is mandatory for manuscript publication. The order for reprints should be placed at the time of submission of the article itself, so that it may be put for printing without loss of time, if found suitable for publication without revision. Reprints may be had only as multiples of hundred. An order for not less than 100 reprints is to be made.

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