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Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors: From Animal Studies to Clinical Implications
Recent Research Developments in Lipids, Vol. 9
Antimicrobials from Nature: Effective Control Agents for Drug Resistant Pathogens
Recent Research Developments in Surface Science, Vol. 2
Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery
Recent Research Developments in Cell Biology, Vol. 4
Recent Research Developments in Organic Chemistry, Vol. 12
Recent Advances in Alcoholic Liver Disease
Thermal Analysis Applied to Complex Systems: Slags, Glasses and Ceramics
The Lower Extremity Wounds
Multidisciplinary Viewpoint on Neurodegenerative Diseases
Simulation and Characterization of the Advanced Materials
Diet and Cancer: From Laboratory Models to Clinical Application
Recent Research Developments in Carbohydrate Research, Vol. 3
Human SOS Biological Science
Recent Research Developments in Analytical Biochemistry, Vol. 5
Chemical Evolution vs Biological Evolution: Coupling Effect and Consequences
Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences III
Efficiency Theories and their Applicability in Nigerian Secondary Schools
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics of Genetic Disorders
Bioethics and Pharmacology: Ethics in Preclinical and clinical Drug Development
Emergency Surgery for the Oncall General Surgeon
Lipidomics: Sea Food, Marine Based Dietary Supplement, Fruit and Seed
Exercise Programming for Cancer Patients
Recent Research Developments in Virology, Vol. 8
Synthesis of Complex Macromolecular Architectures by Metallocene and Half-Metallocene Complexes
Epigenomic Medicine II - Haematological Malignancies
Recent Research Developments in Chemical Physics, Vol.6
Recent Research Developments in Physics, Vol. 9
Structure and Properties of Polyolefin Materials
Tools to Understand Protein-Protein Interactions
Towards Personalized HCV Therapy
Recent Research Developments in Cancer, Vol.9
Recent Advances in Electrochemical Research
Motor Functions of the Spinal Cord
Advanced Materials in Applied Physics: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Current Topics of Drug Design in Parasitic and Bacterial Diseases
Recent Advances in Cervical Cancer
Recent Research Developments in Materials Science & Engineering, Vol. 4
Recent Research Developments in Photochemistry & Photobiology, Vol.8
Structural DNA Nanotechnology: Liquid-Crystalline Approach
Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery. Design, Synthesis and Screening
Molecular Systems: Theory and Modeling
Thermal Analysis Applied to Complex Systems: Slags, Glasses and Ceramics
Recent Developments in Polymer Recycling
Bridging Cell Biology and Genetics to the Cancer Clinlic
Physical Methods to Increase Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery
Olive Diseases and Disorders
Host-Pathogen Interaction: At the Frontier of Cellular Microbiology
Ultrasound and Microwaves: Recent Advances in Organic Chemistry
Nuclear Science and Technology
The Carbon Nanoworld: From Graphene to Nanotubes
Electronic and Catalytic Properties of Advanced Materials
Complementory and Alternative Medicine - Botanical Cosmeceuticals
Practical Aspects and Applications of Electron Beam Irradiation
Liquid Crystalline Organic Compounds and Polymers as Materials XXI Century: From Synthesis to Applications
The Field of Biological Aging: Past, Present and Future
Predation in the Hymenoptera: An Evolutionary Perspective
Hepatitis C in the Elderly: A Japanese Perspective
Tribology and Bearing Surfaces in Total Joint Replacements
Progress Towards Novel Testing Strategies for in vitro Assessment of Allergans
Silent Vasculopathy in Childhood: Should Clinicians Care?
Comercial Incubation [Incubação Comercial]
Epigenomic Medicine
Cancer Prevention and Therapy : The Role of Tumor-Associated Proteins
Hearing and Acoustic Measurements
Complex Network Entropy: from Molecules to Biology, Parasitology, Technology, Social, Legal, and Neurosciences
Lipid Peroxidation: Biological Implications
From Vascular Cell Biology to Cardiovascular Medicine
Research in Helminths
Mitochondrial Pathophysiology
Microwaves: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Applications in Chemistry
Current Topics on Food Authentication
Molecular Pathogenesis of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses
Adhesion and Guidance Receptors in Angiogenesis
Tumor Markers: Immune Characteristics and Diagnostic Value
Multidisciplinary Approaches on Food Science and Nutrition for the XXI Century
Topics in Animal and Plant Development: From Cell Differentiation to Morphogenesis
Chemotherapeutic Strategies for Gynecological Cancers
Theory, Modeling, Technology and applications of Micro/Nano quantum electronic and photonic devices
Regulation of Innate Immune Function
Cyclodextrins: Chemistry and Physics
Microwaves: Theoretical Aspects and Practical Applications in Chemistry
Bacterial Populations: Basic and Applied Aspects of Their Structure and Evolution
Advances in Molecular Mechanisms and Pharmacology of Diabetic Complications
A Highly Effective Method in the 5-axis NC Machining of Sculptured Surfaces
Functional Polymeric Materials Designed for Hi-Tech Applications
Recent Research Developments in Polymer Science, Vol. 10
Survival and Control of Pathogens in Fresh Cut Vegetables
Biochemical Aspects of Human Nutrition
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Medicine
Oxide Thin Film Technology-Growth and Applications
Industrial Application of Plasma Process Vol. 3
Strategis for the Determination of Carbohydrates Structure and Conformation
Leptin in Non-mammalian Vertebrates
Recent Advances in Metastasis of Gastrointestinal Cancers
Stem Cell Therapy
Advances in Chemical Engineering
Advances in Solid Hybrid Materials and Membranes
Metabolic Influences on Neurological Disorders
Cell Cycle Regulators in Alzheimer's Disease
Electrochemical Sensors
Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapeutics
The Use of Vibrations in Communication: Properties, Mechanisms and Function across Taxa
Propagation of Excitation in Cardiac Muscle Using PSpice Analysis for Simulated Action Potentials
Recent Advances on Nutrition and the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
Advances in Non-Crystalline Solids: Metallic Glass Formation, Magnetic Properties and Amorphous Carbon Films
New Research Trends in Protein Chip Technology
Multifunctional Drugs: New Chimeras in Medicinal Chemistry
Cancer Metastasis
Oxidative Stress, Dysregulation of Cell Homeostasis and Induction of Cell Transformaton
Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices Research: III-Nitrides and SiC
Metal Compounds for Controlled Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers and Ion-coordinating Polymerization of Dienes
Animal Viruses
New Insights in Pediatric Asthma
Plants in Traditional and Modern Medicine: Chemistry and Activity
Cancer Stem Cells
No-cGMP Signaling in the Spinal Cord and Brain Stem Circuitry
Recent Advances in Aquaculture Research
Proofreading Genotyping and Mutagenesis Analysis
Fast Proton-Ion Transport Compounds
Sea By-Products as Real Material: New Ways of Application
Cell Mechanochemistry. Biological Systems and Factors Inducing Mechanical Stress, Such as Light, Pressure and Gravity
Silica and Silicates in Modern Catalysis
Functional Composites of Carbon Nanotubes and Applications
Functional Genomics of Human Ion Channels
Recent Research Advances in Plant Science
Thermodynamics of Amino Acid and Protein Solutions
Current Topics in Pediatric Epilepsy
Advances in Microgravity Sciences
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Magnetic Materials Including Rare-Earth Nitrides, Semimagnetic Semiconductors, Perovskites Maganites and Metallic Multilayers and Films
Theoretical Methods for Micro Scale Viscous Flows
Compartmentation of Responses to Stresses in Higher Plants, True or False
Nutritional Antioxidants in Cancer and Degenerative Diseases
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