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The content of the book is very interesting and high current interest. The colour photographies and tables are of good quality.

Jorge A. Guisantes, MD, PhD.
Head Professor of Parasitology, Dep. of Immunology, Microbiology and Parasitology
Faculty of Pharmacy, U.B.C., Paseo de la Universidad nº 7, 01006 - Vitoria, España
E-mail: jorgea.guisantes@ehu.es


We got our books last Thursday and we want to thank you for the wonderful surprise that you made us before Easter holiday. The book looks nice, it is bound in boards and the artwork is excellent.

Dr. Marioara Nechifor
Institutul de Chimie Macromoleculara “Petru Poni”
Aleea Grigore Ghica Voda, 41A, Iasi-700487, Romania
E-mail: nechifor@icmpp.ro

Thank you for your good work. The book looks very nice.

Dr. Sergei Sergeenkov
Departamento de Física, CCEN, Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Cidade Universitária, 58051-970, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil

I have received these books in good condition. They look nice indeed and so found them some of the chapter-editors who sent a note about their arrival.
Many thanks again for the quality work.

Dr. Istvan Halasz
Principal Chemist, PQ Corporation, R&D Center
280 Cedar Grove Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428, USA

It was really pleasent to work with you and the editorial; I hope that soon we will have a new chapters for another book.

Dr. Manuel Martínez Estévez
Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán, Calle 43 # 130
Col. Chuburná de Hidalgo Mérida, Yucatán, 97200, México

Thank you for your parcel with 4 books, I had it successfully received today. The sending is here. I am very glad. The book is very nice. Many thanks for your creative work with our book and your permanent interest to this work. I hope to keep the contact with you in future.

Dr. Jelena Tsurko
Senior scientific researcher, Scientific-Research Institute for Chemistry
V.N.Karasin National University Kharkiv, Svoboda Pl. 4, 61077 Kharkiv, Ukraine

I received 12 copies of my edited book: Stem Cells: Organogeneis and Cancer by registered mail

I really like the quality of the book, the way it is printed and presented. Very high quality work by your team. I greatly appreciate for your hard work. I wish to edit more books with Tranword Research Network in near future.

Dr. Shree Ram Singh
Mouse Cancer Genetics Program, National Cancer Institutea
Frederick, MD 21702, USA

Many thanks indeed for your kind collaboration. I am honored publishing with Research Signpost/Transworld Research Network, while making it circulate worldwide through my citations, which includes my new editorial venture with Apple Academic Canada!

All the best for you and colleagues, and I am sure in future we will have the pleasure to co-operate once more for an international publication! .

Dr. Mihai V. Putz
Chemistry Department, West University of Timisoara
Pestalozzi Street No.16, Timisoara, RO-300115, Romania

This is to acknowledge receipt of the books. I am so deeply grateful for this opportunity of a dream to come true,

Thank you indeed.

Dr. Romana Rombe Bandeira
Lecturer of Forest Protection, Eduardo Mondlane University
Department of Forest Engineering, Faculty of Agronomy and
Forest Engineering, P.O.Box 257, Maputo, Mozambique


This is to acknowledge the Editorial Team of Research Signpost/Transworld Research Network for invited me to edit a Research Book “Thermal wave physics and related photothermal techniques: Basic principles and recent developments” and for the kindly and efficiently collaboration to achieve this goal. I wish you success in your very important activity and I will invite the scientific community to disseminate knowledge using this reputed scientific house.

Dr. Ernesto Marín Moares
Centro de Investigación en Ciencia Aplicada y Tecnología
Avanzada-Unidad Legaria, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
México D.F.


This is to acknowledge the receipt of the reprints of my contribution and of the copies of our book. They look nice !
Thank you very much for your kind cooperation, for your support and encouragement, during the production of this book.

Dr. Cristina M. Muntean
National Institute for Research and Development of
Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, R-400293
Cluj-Napoca, P. O. 5, Box 700, Romania


This is an outstanding and very comprehensive book, and the format is beautiful. Therefore, I want to thank you and the personnel of Transworld Research Network/Research Signpost for you outstanding work.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Hallé
Professor of Medicine, Université de Montréal
Montréal, QC, Canada


I am very satisfied with the book.I would like to detach the editing work and thank the managing editor and publication manager for their performance and permanent kind assistance. It was a very nice experience to publish with Research Signpost.

Prof. Dra. Virginia S. Martino
Cátedra de Farmacognosia, IQUIMEFA (UBA-CONICET)
Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Junín 956- 2 piso-1113 CABA, República Argentina


I have received the copies of the book “South American Medicinal Plantas as a Potential Source of Bioactive Compounds”. I wish to congratulate you for the high print quality and the good work done by Research Signpost.

Dra. Liliana V. Muschietti
Cátedra de Farmacognosia, IQUIMEFA (UBA-CONICET)
Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica (UBA)
Junín 956 (1113) 2º P CABA -Argentina


I have received my copies of the book that I edited, entitled "Polymeric Materials". It was real pleasure to be part of the joint effort to create this nice book and I hope that scientist throughout the world will find it interesting. I wish you all the best and success in the future.

Dr. Aleksandra Nastasovic
ICTM-Center for Chemistry
Studentski trg 12-16
11001 Belgrade, Serbia


The compilation is an up-to-date information of the forceful development in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The key feature is the synthetic strategy has become the backbone of the comfortable volume that has been embodied. Simple as well as complex hybrid material syntheses would enrich the reader.

Prof. Tarasankar Pal
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Kharagpur-721302, India


  Today we got four copies of book you sent to us. Thank you very much. The cover page and printing of this book is very attractive.

Prof. Inn-Kyu Kang
Dept. of Polymer Science, Kyungpook National University
Daegu-702-701, South Korea

Dr. K M Kamruzzaman Selim
Ph.D researcher, Biopolymer lab, Dept.of Polymer Science
Kyungpook National University, Daegu-702-801, South Korea


I found that all my books are in very good condition and very high publication quality! Now I have the books, I want to thank you for your cooperation and for your quick response to my several e-mails. I wish to publish my second book again with Signpost Publishers.

Prof. Ben A. Abderazek
The University of Aizu, School of Computer Science and
Engineering, Adaptive System Laboratory
Aizu-Wakamatsu 965-8580, Fukushima, Japan


We would like to thank you very much for your invitation to edit this special book and thank you for your great endeavors to publish it. It was an honor and also a pleasure to collaborate with you.         

Dr. Rosalba Troncoso-Rojas

I am quite satisfied with your excellent co-operation while preparing my contribution in this book `Recent Research Developments in Polymer science'. Transworld Research Network is an active forum for scientists all over the world. I look forward to co-operating with you in future.

Dr. Georgios Toskas
Associate Professor

Textile Dpt.

Technological Education Institute of Piraeus



Publishing an article with Transworld Research Network was a very positive experience. Informations for authors was clear enough and questions were answered within a day. Furthermore I was very pleased by the good quality of the reprints. Likewise the book and its content are of a high standard and worthy of any institution's library. The major downside is the relatively high price for reprints.

Dr. Didier Favre
Senior Scientist
Live Bacterial Vaccines Research, Berna Biotech Ltd
Rehhagstrasse 79, CH-3018 Berne, SWITZERLAND

Today I have received the reprints. The reprints are of excellent quality, all figures look realy nice. Many thanks again for your efforts.

Dr. Michael Meyer
Revotar Biopharmaceuticals AG, Neuendorfstr 24a
D-16761 Hennigsdorf, GERMANY
E-mail: M.Meyer@Revotar-Ag.de

TRN does a really great job providing an excellent opportunity to rapidly publish reviews on the most recent achievements in organic chemistry

Prof. Vyacheslav V. Samoshin
Professor of Chemistry,Department of Chemistry
University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA 95211
E-mail: vsamoshin@pacific.edu

I just received the reprints for my book chapter. It has been a pleasure working with Transworld; thank you very much

 Ron Miller
Ron Miller is a post-graduate researcher and microbiologist with the US Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine.
He has been working to develop standardized antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods for bacteria isolated from the aquatic environment
Email: rmiller1@cvm.fda.gov

I have received the offprints of my contribution. I am impressed about the work you have done. Congratulations and thank you very much!

 Apolodor Raduta
Institute of Physics and Nuclear
Engineering, Bucharest, PO Box MG6, ROMANIA
E-mail: raduta@theory.nipne.ro

I feel proud of this book- Recent Research Developments in Chemistry & Physics of Lipids. The book is really good.

 Docent Dr.Aladdin Pramanik, PhD
Docent, Division of Medical Biophysics
Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB)
Karolinska Institute, Scheeles väg 2, S-171 77 Stockholm, SWEDEN
E-mail: aladdin.pramanik@mbb.ki.se

I have received the reprints of my article on Biotechnology in wood protection. You are very efficient and thank you very much.

Dian-Qing Yang, Ph.D.
Mycologist & Wood Protection Scientist, Forintek Canada Corp., 319, rue Franquet, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada, G1P 4R4
E-Mail: dian-qing.yang@qc.forintek.ca

Many thanks for rapid and excellent performance, while preparing for print our contribution No. 16 to the Volume 4 of the Recent Research Developments in Physics book. I wish you success in your really important activity concerned with the publication of the most interesting results and developments in various scientific areas.

Prof.Krzysztof Ruebenbauer
Mössbauer Spectroscopy Division, Institute of Physics, Pedagogical University, PL-30-084 Cracow, ul. Podchorążych 2, Poland

I received the reprints of our review related to lacticin 481,which will appear in Recent Research Development in Bacteriology. I really appreciate the attractive presentation of the article and the excellent reproduction of the figures. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sum up all the data related to the model that kept us busy for several years.

Alain Dufour
Laboratoire de Biologie et, Chimie Moleculaires,EA 2594
Universite de Bretagne Sud, BP 92116,56321 Lorient,Cedex,France
E-MAIL: alain.dufour@univ-ubs.fr

We received the reprints last week safely. We thank you for arranging colour printing of several important figures. We hope your continuous success in research publications in future also.

Dr. Keiichi Ajito
Medicinal Chemistry Research Laboratories
Pharmaceutical Research Center, Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.
760 Morroka-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, 222-8567, JAPAN.
EMAIL: keiichi_ajito@meiji.co.jp

I was very pleased to receive my reprints of "The Computation and Experimental Derivation of NMR Shielding Polarizabilities" in which I have been able to summarise the many results I have both produced and collected on electric field effects throughout the last decade. Transworld Research Network have provided an excellent opportunity to pull together this data and set it in context.

I will be publishing here again, when I have something good to say.

Dr. M. Grayson
Department of Chemistry
The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S3 7HF, United Kingdom.
EMAIL: M.Grayson@sheffield.ac.uk

My opinion is that you offer a very good forum for the publication of review papers on borderline areas of research.

This is a very helpful service you offer to the scientific community, especially in view of the establishment of possible collaborations.

Paolo Ghigna
Dipartimento di Chimica Fisica "M. Rolla"
Università di Pavia, Viale Taramelli,16, 27100 Pavia
E-mail: paolo@chifis.unipv.it

"I received the reprints. They are very nice."

Dr. Vincent Boudon
E-mail: Vincent.Boudon@u-bourgogne.fr

"I have just received the package of 100 reprints corresponding to Recent Research Developments in Quantum Chemistry Vol 2. I like the design and print style. They are very nicely done. It has been a pleasure contributing to Transworld Research Network series."

Dr. Josep Planelles
Department de Ciencies Experimentals, Universitat Jaume I, Spain
E-mail: planelle@exp.uji.es

"I just received the book by mail this morning and I congratulate you for the work done"
Dr. Daniel christophe
Institute de Biologie et de Medecine
Moleculaires (IBMM), Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
E-mail: dchristo@ulb.ac.be

The reprints arrived here today. They do look impressive.
Dr. Victor Kowalenko
School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Australia
E-mail: vac@physics.unimelb.edu.au

Recent Research Developments in Polymer Science looks really excellent. I appreciate your kind help and consideration throughout the editing and printing process.
Hideto Tsuji
Faculty of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology
E-mail tsuji@eco.tut.ac.jp

I just received your book and I am very happy about it. Style as well as content are excellent. I found it very convenient to publish with you, because of your very efficient and friendly handling of manuscripts and enquiries.

Gabriele Peters
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Institut fur Neuroinformatik, Germany
E-mail: gpeters@neuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the job done at TransWorld Research. I especially liked the way the editors handled their task, with kindness and competence. The copies of the review I wrote together with Dr. Coriani and Dr. Halkier look very nice, which shows great care also at printing stage. The final product "look good". I will make sure that my colleagues get to know and appreciate your service as much as I do.

Antonio Rizzo
Istituto di Chimica Quantistica de, Energetica Molecolare del
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Area della Ricerca di Pisa
loc. San Cataldo, Via G. Moruzzi, I-56010 Chezzano, San Giuliano
Terme, Pisa, Italy
E-mail: rizzo@indigo.icquem.pi.cnr.it

Your books are important tools for the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Prof. Adela Rodriguez,
Head of the Analytical Chemistry Unit
European Commission- Joint Research Centre- IRMM, Belgium

Your book contains many excellent reviews about oil chemistry. These reviews help oil chemists all over the world to survey interesting fields of oil chemistry.

Dr. Shoji Watanabe

I express my most sincere appreciation for the effort in distributing scientific publications world-wide offering best professionality and competence. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Dr. Maria Cristina-Morganti-Kossman
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

The initiative from Transworld Research Network on currently publishing books on recent research developments of cancer is very welcome. The research field of cancer is moving very fast and thorough reviews on different topics of cancer gives an excellent opportunity to gain information's on other aspects of the disease than your own.

Dr. Lotte Hansen
Aarhus University, Denmark

The Transworld Research Network series of publications provides a valuable means of disseminating scientific knowledge. Quiet efficiency characterises the Company`s handling of material for publication.

Dr. Dr. Kenneth Mackenzie,
School of Chemistry, Bristol, U.K.

Your books, a large series of " Recent Research Developments", cover a large area of science. Among them, " Recent Research Development in Polymer Science", contains a variety of interesting review articles, which helps me survey polymer science. Quick and kind response to my questions, for the publication of my article, was always obtained by the policy of the publishing company. Transworld Research Network.

Dr. Hiroshi Kimura, Ph. D
Kao Corp, R&D Div, 283-26,Hatage, Iwade-Cho
Naga-Gun, Wakayama-pref.,(649-6244),

I received a copy of the book " Recent research developments in applied physics Vol 2" today. I am glad of the beautiful cover with two tone colour of red and white. Thank you very much.

Dr. Masato Ohmukai
Electrical Engineering,
Akashi College of Technology, Hyogi 674-8501, Japan

I received the package of 100 reprints in appropriate time. I am happy about the design and the print style of the reprints. It was very nice dealing with you. I would be happy to contribute in the science community in that region as much as possible.

Dr. Mohammed Saifuddin, D.V. M., PhD.
Department of Immunology/Microbiology
Rush University, Chicago, IL 60612, USA


Recent Research Developments in Organic chemistry Vol 3, 1999 Part-1 - This book contains a lot of excellent reviews, which help me to survey quickly interesting fields and which help students to understand several aspects of modern chemistry.

Dr. Yuichi Kobayashi
Associate professor of Department of Biomolecular Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

This is to state that I know Transworld Research Network as a reputed scientific publishing house. Their work is of very high quality in the area of publishing and disseminating scientific manuscripts. I have previously submitted manuscript with them. They handled the manuscripts efficiently and also, responded promptly and satisfactorily to my occasional inquiries through e-mail. Recently, I have visited their website that looks impressive and informative.

Dr. Dipak Haldar
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences,
St. John's University, 8000, Utopia Parkway, Jamaica, New York 11439

The book you published is full of very interesting papers on topics of great importance for quantum electronics

Dr. Vittorio Passaro
Optoelectronic Laboratory, Dipartimento di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica
Politiecnico di Bari, via Edoardo Orabona 4, 70125 Bari, Italy

Congratulations for your publications. I think they are positive for both the already formed researches as well as for those who are  beginning.

Dr. Hector Fernandez
Departmento de Quimica y Fisica, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Fiaico-Quimicas y Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Agencia Postal Nro. 3, 5800 Rio Cuarto, Argentina

I am very satisfied with the outcome of the work including color photographs performed both by you and your company. Your book contains a lot of excellent reviews, which help me to survey quickly interesting fields

Dr. Shingo Takano M. D.
Department of Nurosurgery, University of Tsukuba, Japan

I and my colleagues are very satisfied of the publication, and we consider an excellent idea to collect high quality review papers which can help to survey very interesting research fields. We hope to collaborate again with Transworld Research Network.

Dr. Andrea Sanna
Politecnic, o di Torino, Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica
C.so Duca degli Abruzzi 24, I-10129 Torino (ITALY)
Tel: +39-011-564-7035 , Fax: +39-011-564-7099/35

Whereas most other publications collect reviews on the more popular aspects of cancer research. I found Recent Research Developments in Cancer to be a collection of articles that concern both the more well established areas of cancer research as well as emerging areas of cancer research/therapy. These articles were obviously written by individuals who are very knowledgeable in their respective scientific fields. Because of this I found the book very educational and interesting reading and would recommend it to individuals who would like to keep up with advances in areas of cancer research other than their own.

Dr. Mark J. Micallef, Ph.D
Senior Scientist, Hayashibara Biochemical Labs.

Thank you for kindly sending me a copy of "Virology". I am very impressed with the quality of the book.

Dr. M. S. Razzaque

You offer a very good opportunity for publication of a review article concerning own research activities.

Dr. Barbara Krammer
Institute of Physics and Biophysics
University of Salzburg, Hellbrunnerstr. 34, A-5020 Salzburg

The work of Transworld Research Network provide a good service to scientific community, giving the opportunity to many researchers to establish collaborations.

Dr. L. Zolla
University Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy

Both my colleague, C. M. Evans, and I were very impressed with the speed and professionalism exhibited by Transworld Research Network in processing our manuscript. The reprints that we received are very nicely done.

Dr. Gary L. Findley
Department of Chemistry, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Monroe, LA 71209, USA

Your book (Recent Research Development in Cancer) looks simply excellent. It gives a great help for our works.

Dr. Dai Nakae MD., Ph.D.
Department of Oncological Pathology, Cancer Center, Nara Medical University, 840 Shijo-cho, Kashihara, Nara 634-8521, Japan

"Some day ago I have received a complementary copy of the book Recent R&D in Electrochemistry which contained my 4th and 5th paper published in the Recent R&D book series. My steady contribution to these series means that I am really satisfied about the typographical appearance of my papers in the books, about the reduced publication time, the quality of the reprints I am receiving and the publicity of my papers in the Research Signpost's website. I am currently using the research signpost site to check the articles published by other scientists and to ask them a reprint is really easy and comfortable".

Dr. Prof. Franco Cataldo
Soc. Lupi Chemical Research Institute, Via Casilina 1626/A, 00133 Rome, Italy

Thank you for sending the reprints. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your editorial staff- especially their layout skills are amazing.

Dr. Hiroshi Hachisako
Department of Applied Life Science, Faculty of Engineering, Sojo University, Japan.

I received the reprints of our review article, which was recently published in `Recent Research Developments in Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology`. The design and print style of the article is very pleasant. Also, it was published in a relatively short time. The co-operation between Transworld Research Network and our department worked very well.

Dr. Elke Dopp,
Universitaat Essen, Institut fur Hygiene and Arbeitsmedizin
Essen, Germany.

The work Transworld Research Develops is very useful to the scientific community. The Published manuscripts include fields of great interest.

Prof. Ana M. Costero
Universidad de Valencia, Departamento de Química Orgánica
Vicente Andrés Estellés s/n, 46100-Burjassot, Valencia. Spain

Recent Research Developments in Organic Chemistry is a must read for the industry. The Exceptional Qualification of its contributors, writers and editors combined with its research focus makes it an outstanding publication.

Pr Patrice VANELLE
Laboratoire de Chimie Organique, UMR CNRS 6517, Universite de la Mediterranee, Faculte de Pharmacie, 27 Bd Jean Moulin, 13385 Marseille cedex 05, France


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