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  • Recent Research Developments in Rheumatology
    Editor(s) : Antonio La Cava
  • Recent Advances in Angiogenesis in Central Nervous System
    Editor(s) : Domenico Ribatti and Beatrice Nico
  • South American Medicinal Plants as a Potential Source of Bioactive Compounds
    Editor(s) : Virginia Susana Martino and Liliana Victoria Muschietti
  • Recent Developments in Immunology
    Editor(s) : Jim Xiang
  • Hepatic Endocytosis 
    Editor(s) : Marita Sporstøl, Seyed A. Mousavi and Trond Berg
  • Brain Molecules : From Vitamins to Molecules for Axonal Guidance
    Editor(s) : A. Mangas, R. Covenas and M. Geffard
  • Scientific Evidence of the Use of Propolis in Ethnomedicine
    Editor(s) : Nada Orsolic and Ivan Basic
  • Added Value to Fisheries Waste
    Editor(s) : Jean-Pascal Berge
  • Immune Systems and Human Intrauterine Development
    Editor(s) : Itzhak Zusman, Pavel Gurevich and Herzel Ben-Hur
  • Bioactive Phospholipids. Role in Inflammation and Atheroslerosis
    Editor(s) : Alexandros D. Tselepis
  • Food Enzymes: Application of New Technologies
    Editor(s) : M. D. Busto and N. Ortega
  • Natural Products as Future Medicinal Agents
    Editor(s) : Susan Hawthorne
  • Multiple Pathways in Cancer Development
    Editor(s) : Chiara Mondello
  • Pathophysiology of Apelin Signalling
    Editor(s) : Yves Audigier
  • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Dissect the Alzheimer’s Pathology
    Editor(s) : Roberto Dominici and Ida Biunno
  • Surface Design and Modification of Biomateirals for Clinical Application 
    Editor(s) : Junzo Tanaka, Soichiro Itoh and Guoping Chen
  • Comparative Aspects of Circadian Rhythms
    Editor(s) : Maria Luisa Fanjul-Moles and Raul Aguilar-Roblero
  • An Updating for Andrology
    Editor(s) : Giorgio Cavallini
  • Pathophysiology of the Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelium
    Editor(s) : Sharon DeMorrow, Marco Marzioni, Giammarco Fava, Shannon Glaser and Gianfranco Alpini
  • Recent Research Developments in Canine and Feline Coronaviruses Biology and Diagnosis
    Editor(s) : Annamaria Pratelli and Saverio Paltrinieri
  • Adaptor Proteins and Cancer
    Editor(s) : Maria-Magdalena Georgescu
  • Recent Trends in Toxicology
    Editor(s) : Yasir Hasan Siddique
  • Handbook of Chemiluminescent Methods in Oxidative Stress Assessment
    Editor(s) : I. Popov and G. Lewin
  • Protein Misfolding in Biology and Disease
    Editor(s) : Tiago Fleming Outeiro
  • Free Radical Pathophysiology
    Editor(s) : Silvia Alvarez, Pablo Evelson and Alberto Boveris
  • Mycotoxins in Farm Animals
    Editor(s) : Isabelle P. Oswald and Ionelia Taranu
  • Cardiac Hormones
    Editor(s) : David L. Vesely
  • Computational Proteomics
    Editor(s) : Maria J. Ramos
  • Soil Carbon Sequestration Under Organic Farming in the Mediterranean Environment
    ditor(s) : Sara Marinari and Fabio Caporali
  • Folate-Pathway Gene Variants in Cancer: Haematological Malignancies
    Editor(s) : Donato Gemmati
  • Recent Advances in Biomaterials Research
    Editor(s) : Jie Hu
  • The Motile Actin System in Health and Disease
    Editor(s) : Anja Lambrechts and Christophe Ampe
  • Developmental Programming of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
    Editor(s) : Marlon E. Cerf
  • Medicinal Chemistry of Alzheimer's Disease
    Editor(s) : Ana Martínez Gil
  • Nitrogen Compounds Metabolism by Lactic Acid Bacteria
    Editor(s) : María Cristina Manca de Nadra
  • Biophysical Inquiry into Protein Aggregation and Amyloid Diseases
    Editor(s) : P. L. San Biagio and D. Bulone
  • Advances in Cheese Whey Utilization
    Editor(s) : Ma Esperanza Cerdán, Ma Isabel González-Siso and Manuel Becerra
  • Technological Strategies for Functional Meat Products Development
    Editor(s) : Juana Fernández López
  • Protocols for the Bioanalytical Discovery of Post Translational Modifications
    Editor(s) : Jennie R. Lill, Wendy N. Sandoval and Victoria C. Pham
  • Recent Advances and New Strategies in Stroke Research
    Editor(s) : Franciska Erdo
    Books Under Release
  • Cancer Metastasis
    Editor(s) : Pranela Rameshwar
  • Molecular Systems: Theory and Modeling
    Editor(s) : Federico Jiménez-Cruz and José Luis García-Gutiérrez
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