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  Review Books 2010
Special Review Books --BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - 2010
Books Released
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  • Molecular Pathogenesis of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses
    Editor(s) : Eric M. Vela
  • Adhesion and Guidance Receptors in Angiogenesis
    Editor(s) : Julie Gavard
  • Tumor Markers: Immune Characteristics and Diagnostic Value
    Editor(s) : Itzhak Zusman
  • Chemotherapeutic Strategies for Gynecological Cancers
    Editor(s) : Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Toru Sugiyama and Masashi Takano
  • Regulation of Innate Immune Function
    Editor(s) : Clay B. Marsh, Susheela Tridandapani and Melissa G. Piper
  • Bacterial Populations: Basic and Applied Aspects of Their Structure and Evolution
    Editor(s) : Anibal Lodeiro
  • Advances in Molecular Mechanisms and Pharmacology of Diabetic Complications
    Editor(s) : Milan Stefek
  • Biochemical Aspects of Human Nutrition
    Editor(s) : Luciana Avigliano and Luisa Rossi
  • Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Medicine
    Editor(s) : Assam El-Osta and Tom C. Karagiannis
  • Leptin in Non-mammalian Vertebrates
    Editor(s) : Marina Paolucci
  • Recent Advances in Metastasis of Gastrointestinal Cancers
    Editor(s) : Hiroki Kuniyasu and Yasuhiko Kitadai
  • Stem Cell Therapy
    Editor(s) : Ken-Ichi Isobe
  • Metabolic Influences on Neurological Disorders
    Editor(s) : Gayle H. Doherty
  • Cell Cycle Regulators in Alzheimer's Disease
    Editor(s) : Jaya Padmanabhan
  • Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapeutics
    Editor(s) : Michael A. Firer
  • The Use of Vibrations in Communication: Properties, Mechanisms and Function across Taxa
    Editor(s) : Caitlin E. O’Connell-Rodwell
  • Propagation of Excitation in Cardiac Muscle Using PSpice Analysis for Simulated Action Potentials
    Editor(s) : Nicholas Sperelakis and Lakshminarayanan Ramasamy
  • New Research Trends in Protein Chip Technology
    Editor(s) : Santina Carnazza
  • Recent Advances on Nutrition and the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
    Editor(s) : Charles Ramassamy and Stéphane Bastianetto
  • Multifunctional Drugs: New Chimeras in Medicinal Chemistry
    Editor(s) : Simona Rapposelli
  • Cancer Metastasis
    Editor(s) : Pranela Rameshwar
  • Animal Viruses
    Editor(s) : Akihiko Maeda
  • New Insights in Pediatric Asthma
    Editor(s) : Nermin Guler
  • Plants in Traditional and Modern Medicine: Chemistry and Activity
    Editor(s) : Eugene Kokkalou
  • Cancer Stem Cells
    Editor(s) : Xin-Yuan Guan
  • Recent Advances in Aquaculture Research
    Editor(s) : Giorgos Koumoundouros
  • Proofreading Genotyping and Mutagenesis Analysis
    Editor(s) : Jia Zhang and Kai Li
  • Sea By-Products as Real Material: New Ways of Application
    Editor(s) : Estelle Le Bihan
  • Cell Mechanochemistry. Biological Systems and Factors Inducing Mechanical Stress, Such as Light, Pressure and Gravity
    Editor(s) : Monica Monici
  • Functional Genomics of Human Ion Channels
    Editor(s) : Zhiguo Wang
  • Recent Research Advances in Plant Science
    Editor(s) : Manuel Martínez Estévez
  • Thermodynamics of Amino Acid and Protein Solutions
    Editor(s) : Jelena Tsurko and Werner Kunz
  • Current Topics in Pediatric Epilepsy
    Editor(s) : John F. Kerrigan and Pedro Weisleder
  • Advances in Fats and Oil Reseach
    Editor(s) : Mabel Cristina Tomás
  • Stem Cells: Organogenesis and Cancer
    Editor(s) : Shree Ram Singh, Paras K. Mishra and Steven X. Hou
  • Shaping the Heart in Development and Disease
    Editor(s) : Alexander T. Mikhailov and Mario Torrado
  • Cancer in Numbers
    Editor(s) : Itzhak Zusman
  • Applications of Mechanomyography for Examining Muscle Function
    Editor(s) : Travis W. Beck
  • Emerging Signaling Pathways in Tumor Biology
    Editor(s) : Pedro A. Lazo
  • Topological Indices for Medicinal Chemistry, Biology, Parasitology, Neurological and Social Networks
    Editor(s) : Humberto González-Diaz and Cristian Robert Munteanu
  • The Neurochemical Consequences of Organophosphate Poisoning in the CNS
    Editor(s) : Ben Avi Weissman and Lily Raveh
  • Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Research: From Sleep to Exercise
    Editor(s) : Ahmmed Ally, Timothy J. Maher and J.Michael Wyss
  • The Life and Death of T Lymphocytes - The Influence of Cytokines under Physiological and Pathological Conditions
    Editor(s) : George Chou-Chik Ting and Yili Yang
  • Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes and Xenobiotic Receptors. Pharmacological and Toxicological Aspects
    Editor(s) : Guillermo Elizondo Azuela
  • Adult Neurogenesis and Central Nervous System Diseases
    Editor(s) : Kunlin Jin
  • Large Scale Cultivation of Plant Cell and Tissue Culture in Bioreactors
    Editor(s) : Ozlem Yesil-Celiktas, Aynur Gurel and Fazilet Vardar-Sukan
      Aromatization of Olive Oil
    Editor(s) : A. Baiano, G. Gambacorta and E. La Notte
  • Cytoreductive Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology: A Multidisciplinary Approach
    Editor(s) : Yusuf Yildirim
  • Models of Neuropharmacology
    Editor(s) : Luisa Lilia Rocha-Arrieta and Vinicio Granados-Soto
  • Visceral Pain
    Editor(s) : Dale E. Bjorling
    Books Under Release
  • Cardiac M3 Receptor
    Editor(s) : Zhiguo Wang
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