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  Review Books 2012
Special Review Books --BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - 2012
Books Released
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  • Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors: From Animal Studies to Clinical Implications
    Editor(s) : Bahar Tuntan, Salvatore Cuzzocrea and Mitsuhiro Yokoyama
  • Lipidomics: Sea Food, Marine Based Dietary Supplement, Fruit and Seed
    Editor(s) : Su Chen
  • Multidisciplinary Viewpoint on Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Editor(s) : Marta Di Carlo, P.L. San Biagio and D. Bulone
  • Recent Research Developments in Carbohydrate Research, Vol. 3
    Editor(s) : S.G. Pandalai
  • Human SOS Biological Science
    Editor(s) : Nobuo Suzuki
  • Bioethics and Pharmacology: Ethics in Preclinical and clinical Drug Development
    Editor(s) : Zoron Todorovic, Milica Prostran and Karel Turza
  • Emergency Surgery for the Oncall General Surgeon
    Editor(s) : M.H Lewis & Robert B. Galland
  • Diet and Cancer: From Laboratory Models to Clinical Application
    Editor(s) : Itzhak Zusman
  • Exercise Programming for Cancer Patients
    Editor(s) : Karen Y Wonders
  • Recent Research Developments in Virology, Vol. 8
    Editor(s) : S.G. Pandalai
  • Epigenomic Medicine II - Haematological Malignancies
    Editor(s) : Tom C. Karagiannis and Faith A.A. Kwa
  • Structural DNA Nanotechnology: Liquid-Crystalline Approach
    Editor(s) : Yu. M. Yevdokimov, S.G. Skuridin, V.I. Salyanov, V.A. Bykov and M. Palumbo
  • Tools to Understand Protein-Protein Interactions
    Editor(s) : Isabel Gomez
  • Towards Personalized HCV Therapy
    Editor(s) : Ahmed ElGohary and Fadia M. Attia
  • Taurine in Health and Disease
    Editor(s) : A. El Idrissi and W. L'Amoreaux
  • Current Topics of Drug Design in Parasitic and Bacterial Diseases
    Editor(s) : Alfredo Tellez Valencia and Mario Pedraza Reyes
  • Recent Advances in Cervical Cancer
    Editor(s) : Iztok Takac
  • Host-Pathogen Interaction: At the Frontier of Cellular Microbiology
    Editor(s) : Eric Ghigo, Giovanna Mottola, Jean-Louis Mege
  • Physical Methods to Increase Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery
    Editor(s) : Renata Fonseca Vianna Lopez, Tais Gratieri and Guilherme Martins Gelfuso
  • Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences II
    Editor(s) : Diego Munoz-Torrero, Diego Haro and Joan Valles
  • Molecular Biology Protocols for Aquatic Organisms
    Editor(s) : Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Mary Beth I. Bacano-Maningas & Christopher Marlowe A. Caipang
  • Recent Advances in Alcoholic Liver Disease
    Editor(s) : Andrea Romani
  • Pancreatic Cancer and Tumor Microenvironment
    Editor(s) : Paul J. Grippo and Hidayatullah G. Munshi
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